You also seem to need, to get into the state machine paradigm and how it is realized in VHDL. Hope, thats the case with you, as otherwise the learning curve would be steeper. But, – I am sorry -, the fact that you where assigned a project without having any experience or knowledge, is at least in need of an explanation. And only much I know of the codes, tried to get ahold of her but she seems to be overseas. Then you can decide whether you can use it or not. I’m just ‘lucky’ to get a project to work on VHDL.

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Please don’t ask any new questions in this thread, but start a new one. Hi Theor, Im glad you replied, well the thing is in this country I’m in, we cld students in Polytechnic will have 3 months of FYP, either in development of a project or simply a new project to work on. But as I said: But, – I am sorry – the fact that you where assigned a project without having any experience or knowledge, is at least in need of an explanation.

However, I am not convinced of your course of action. It’s natural that, in the beginning, the amount of details seems overwhelming and unmanageable.

Though, often people answer to questions like yours by posting code. Why I asked for basic codes to just display to LCD is because I can maybe read up and reverse engineer on them and have the basic skeleton up the least. I am having some troubles starting the codes, as I have never done anything in VHDL, so this is basically my first time. I did some snooping around of the previous student documents, managed to find her codes though.


I would say, you should start very earlier: Reply Entering an e-mail address is alterz.

Altera DE2 Project lcdlab3

Thank you for taking the time to look into it. Even in case you where presented a code, you will not understand it nor being able to “reverse engineer” it if you do not have any knowledge and experience, at least with simple singleton cases. Contact — Data privacy alterq — Advertising on EmbDev.

I have heard of it, this language before but I had no opportunity to learn it during my first 2 and a half years here. Hi Afkar, if not Osman is your first namei appreciate your politeness and understanding of my alters. They have given me some articles to read up on, but they did only little to help me. It’s a weird practice, lfd we are supposed to learn on our own the basics of a new language. And using a hardware description language needs a profound, or at least non-trivial knowledge and experience in digital electronics as well.

Ouch, then it is a very tricky and very steep start It would be much appreciated if you guys can check it out. But I am quite sure, that a project like yours may be finished within 3 months starting from a point I mentioned above, assumed that VHDL is the only new matter to you.


Some are needed to learn how to program using Arduino, some using Raspberry Pi. Some combinatorial logic which may sum up to some amount and at least one state machine probably a combination of state machines is more appropriate to that project.

LCD Controller

Another case are issues, where one is quite educated regarding an issue but misses a single detail. Watch this topic Disable multi-page view.

As for me, I have some knowledge of C languages as I have learned it since the start of year 1 but in alternate semesters. I’m just ‘lucky’ to get a project to work on VHDL.

LCD Controller for the DE2 Board

Theor Guest Posted on: I hope I got them clarified. But if you simple want to copy some code you can try to adapt this here to your board: A good survey about FPGAs at all may be found at https: Nonetheless, I thank you for your time in reading this and also your doubts.

It could, for instance, mean that your task definitely includes acquiring knowledge about VHDL, in which case, simply posting code is a kind of help you cheating or that you, for whatever reason, missed the courses.

Hi Lothar Miller, Thank you for your speedy reply.