Other people have been mentioning the problem occasionally in this group. We spent weeks trying to get the ether to work 2. Nothing to worry about. On Thu, 16 Nov Thanks for submitting a nice, clean driver that was so painless to apply to the latest kernel.

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My device with avr32uc3a, lwip 1. Hardware documentation can be found in the AT32AP data sheet, which can be downloaded from http: Our symptoms were that the ethernet appeared to start but then would just sit there incrementing rx errors but not actually do anything. Is there anything I can check by myself without an ICE to see what’s wrong? Search everywhere only in this topic. At my workplace working OK.

Anyway thanks for your help. Here is my patch against ASF 3. Tx Ring full when queue awake! On Fri, 17 NovHaavard Skinnemoen wrote: Free forum by Nabble.


lwip-users – AVR32 uc3a macb driver serious problem

At Mbit full duplex armel with this arp-broadcast test, working ok, because Full duplex mode is collision free. Atmel MACB at 0xfffc irq 21 This variable is not defined in board files like board-at91samek. At network AI cant change firmware, but it working ok with other solution, —separating networks with router — decrease broadcast, multicast messages. But from a quick look, it seems like this is an issue with the board code — you probably need to set the PHY address mask because the PHY autoprobing doesn’t work.

This bit has the following meaning from the at32ap data sheet: The list of descriptors: Might be possible to improve atmdl by configuring the main system bus differently, or put the DMA buffers in internal SRAM if possible. Hi Atel, On Wed, Oct 21, at Atmel MACB at 0xfffc irq 21 3a: I’ve added some printk s in underrun handler.

Of course, if it’s a cache flushing issue, we might not see anything wrong in the descriptors.


AVR32 uc3a macb driver serious problem

Cleared by writing a one to this bit. Hopefully some of them will be able to help you.

Maybe some mechanism is already provided. Thanks in advance, Lucas. Nothing to worry about. Mailing List Archive GT. Transmit underrun, occurs either when hresp is not OK bus error or the transmit data could not be fetched in time or when buffers are exhausted in mid frame. These changes are mostly about making the driver more compatible with the at91 infrastructure.

The phy address is actualy 5 instead of 0. We mailed the macb. It then worked fine. Yes, that’s the message. Who is online Users browsing this forum: