Arun – I’m afraid you are misquoting me and misinterpreting me. Thoughts R Us Reviewers have to try to find ways to differentiate between equipment; if they cannot do that then their jobs have no practical use. Yes, the A7ii that had overheating issues and poor battery life? Thoughts R Us In reality you cannot rate or evaluate a camera separate from the lens used. They definitely have a lighter duty construction but that does not qualify them as cheap. Even with 2 card slots I only use the faster one anyway.

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But for me, this isn’t a a baby beauty pageant – it’s an objective, dispassionate financial decision.

I suspect many are also waiting for Canon to announce their more professionally canin camera no doubt coming soon. Also use the A7 lll and A7R lll. I have wanted a Nikon FF mirrorless for a while but the banding is a concern as it will likely effect certain work I make. Thoughts R Us Yes, the Cnaon that had overheating issues and poor battery life? Fact is with a 5 year head start Sony is already under threat from Canikon.

Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

I shoot nikon, but totally get why my contemporaries shoot canon. This is how NPD gets their data:. I did not cankn Canon’s first FF mirror less to work so well and give me so much pleasure and I’m mildly surprised at myself caanon enjoying this camera so much! Macro photography of rainforest insects my specialisation – several books published, but I value my anonymity on the internet so I’m not providing links.


It also introduced a new lens mount, Canon RF, along with four lenses, including three interesting high-end “L” models. 2108 shoot sports and events in low light, so you better have some pretty convincing evidence to persuade me differently. Thoughts R Us Yes, those 2 features 2108 incredibly practical to real world users, but ones that do not impress most reviewers, because reviewers do not have the same perspective on equipment that a real world consumer does. She’ll say, well if this reviewer doesn’t like it, then it must be a good movie!

They have translated that dominance. And as canon keeps dropping the ball on 4k, fps, focus, etc, and the lenses don’t really offer a good value for costumers, the disappointment will take even more users away from canon. In a year or two, people with get used to these features will move on to slaying Input brand name here for something or the other. If you were an audiophile, that was your rule: There’s no need to get rid of your Canon EF lenses.

Canon EOS R: Digital Photography Review

With all the money I saved, I can put it towards more lenses in the future. In fact please show me an example of a photograph that uses all 15 stops of DR and that you can sell? Any of the two hopefully prevent them from spending their cash on some even less healthy obsession. Alpha a7S III – will it kill off the competition?


And after so many years of waiting during which this should have been refined and designed, it’s a major disappointment. You’ll also get full autofocus, stabilization and metering capabilities, so you won’t be left in the lurch if you already have a lot of Canon glass.

Canon EOS R

So I would suggest The real image quality!!!!!! A bracketed set of exposures, however, can be combined to yield a HDR image.

In this case it might mean something else. I really enjoy shooting with my EOS R. Mirrorless AF is far more sensitive to the lens speed.

You are reading this a with a little too much optimism. Don’t know about you, but I’m really miffed about this None if it mattered when you actually listened, and again, often times the elite brands did not have the best specs. I think people who have already made the decision to buy the R feel cqnon you’re calling their baby ugly.