The top of the handheld contains the hinges for the removable lid. If they would ditch the slider which i suppose is not a flaw – just a matter of preference , and put back the T1 d-pad BUT surround the d-pad with buttons like on the T3 though with a bit more distance between them and the d-pad , they’d have my perfect PDA ok,ok – throw in wifi. On the TH55, I kept it maxed out most of the time, where it looks fine. The TH55 button layout pretty much makes it worthless for gaming. Sony Cell Phone Batteries for Sony. A cradle is not included with this handheld.

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I decided to give it a heavy use test, and spent 24 hours after a full charge wirelessly web surfing with the power save off, playing video games, reading, listening to music, and watching videos with the screen brightness on medium or high. Keep the tunes flowing by storing your MP3s on a Memory Stick. Granted, putting your hand into the correct position to fully use the jog dial and navigational region takes a little extra time and more-or-less precludes the use of a standard casebut I think it’s worth it.

It is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery. So, Sony has delivered on this finally – but not without punishing us with the worst button layout ever. The actual CPU can cruise comfortably at Mhz without a drastic hit on battery life, but it does make a difference.


Sony PEG-TH55 | eBay

I can easily manipulate fh55 buttons on the back with either hand, and I can sit and use the jog dial to read for hours without the wrist and finger fatigue I used to experience with a traditional jog dial placement or using the buttons at ht55 bottom of the handheld. On the TH55, I kept it maxed out most of the time, where it looks fine.

Psion Series 5mx 3. For now here’s the basics.

And the ‘Sony handheld Engine’ is as yet unproven. It’s too small to grip comfortably for any length of time. However, the plastic does show fingerprints. This model averages about eight hours of typical use on a single charge.

I’m not exited by this. I fh55 trying to convert from a Tungsten T setup to a Clie setup and had nothing but problems. It is a tiny, retractable debacle. It did make the Clie unique but in a bad way. I know that palmOne had to accommodate the landscape mode by xlie something that clid make sense in both layouts, but it almost was a deal breaker for me. I have a mb sd card in my TT1, and don’t want it to go to waste when I upgrade.

You should never just transfer everything over when switching. The lens is located on the back of the handheld, with the capture and a lens cover button on the side.


I would have preferred if there was a separate light for the alarm, rather than using the power light. It opens up to be 3.

Trust me, when it comes to screen resolution, more is always better. The Free Notes tab functions in either thumbnail or list view modes. Always remember that you are unique.

It contains 3 PDF-style pages. The 4 hard buttons for launching apps are actually the key to clje sort of action title, though, and should remain in a row on most Palms for the forseeable future.

Sony PEG-TH55

I live in Italy and it is available here with bluetooth and wi-fi. It uses Memory Stick. Sony Cell Phone Accessories for Sony.

To see many more reviews, check out Amazon. The Viewer tab is a simplified interface for the standard Clie Viewer application. You can get one of these for your home for a low price and there might also be one at your office. Low-light pictures are grainy. Instead, it depends on a clir cable and a data cable.