In the Enterprise Management window, verify that the storage subsystem s are Optimal. I do know that I have had similar problems on a DS, DS, and a DS where the pathing was correct, however not enough paths were presented. My question is what is the drivers that I need to upgrade in that case I try to find some documentation on ibm but nothing that I see about aix and rdac only linux stuff! Are there any opensource rdac drivers so that my 2 HBA’s can failover to. The Tek-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action.

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Each port is connected to a different SAN switch. This is a braindump for me, so can have typos, mistakes, etc.

Multipath storage with Xen and DS

Then I purposely interrupt one of the access paths by pulling off an FC cable between the host and switch. With the Xen hypervisor now at version 3 and gdac used, some vendors have decided to include it as part of their Linux distribution.

The Tek-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. If the default group has hdisks assigned to it then the HBA will generate a new dar and dac, which will cause a split.

Within each guest DomUthere are some lightweight device drivers for accessing virtual block devices and virtual network devices; they are called frontend drivers to distinguish them from the heavy-lifting backend rsac running in Dom0. After OS installation, shut down and restart test1, and you should see the two added disks with fdisk -l.


Creating this file from scratch isn’t easy, but it’s fairly easy to modify this file manually. Type the digit WWPN, without the: I ve read drac documentation but no luck. Please enter a title. However, since virtualization is becoming such a hot selling point, chip manufacturers are rushing to provide further support to this trend so processors that have Intel-VT or AMD Pacifica feature are able to support full virtualization for running unmodified guests on the Xen hypervisor, albeit with some performance hit.

If those two commands run successfully, then you can be assured rdxc your Xen environment is configured properly. If necessary, enable autorecovery of the affected dar s at this time. Can you help me out to find out the new luns allocated and to be able to create a new vg with this new luns? Use this information at your own risk.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I have had to perform this on several occassions and I thought it would be useful to share my experience with you all and although this procedure is very well detailed in the Storage Manager Installation and Support Rdav, which can be viewed in PDF format by following this IBM link I thought I would copy and publish the details here.

Anyway, spoke to RH support, and they recommend ds4080 the device-mapper packages, w hich I did. In my case, I see the following:. To see which modules are loaded in your Linux system, use the commands lsmod and modinfo for module information.

Multipath storage with Xen and DS4800

Originally Posted by exodius Greetings! If you found the solution, Would you mind sharing? Remove the fibre channel loop back plug, and insert the fibre channel cable that was previously attached to the HBA that you removed.


Enough theory; let’s look at the architecture of the test environment. Record the digit number that is associated with Network Address, as it was displayed in the output of the command you es4800 in step 9. All the files are then accessible within the Xen guests as http: The disk controller is operating in RDAC mode.

If the commands can’t connect to the xend daemon, try to reboot the machine. Notify me of new comments via email.

How-to: Hot-Swap a HBA with RDAC Failover

Anyway, let’s go ahead and install both of them. Remember that LUN numbers have to be contiguous for the host to be able to scan them all, and it starts at 0. Before you perform the hot swap, you must complete the following steps to ensure that autorecovery is disabled on every dar that rdxc involved with the HBA you want to hot swap:.

To start it, run xend start as root. If the steps in this procedure are completed successfully up to this point, you obtain the following results:.