The 16 and 18 battery module is replaceable has a connector. I’m sure my mA NiMh will also power the camera for a long period though I haven’t measured the current. On my computer there are two MJPG external codec’s: The run time the battery charge of a LiPo battery drops dramatically when cold. This camera is for you if After that I have placed back rather the filer into lens-house. The burntool is included with the firmware.

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If you download the timesynchronization files, it is a zip file with EKEN. Follow all the best practices and you will have fewer problems. The JPG compression amount is not configurable. So 60 meg an hour. I have forgotten the cleaning of the inside side of lens and the both side of filter glass. The battery module has two parts: White or yellow text. USB connector on left ground and button pin on right.

This is not a complete list and is subject to change: Sometimes the chip company also writes the firmware for the camera producer. Some then continue recording a new video file. Don’t know what voltage is has though.


Most cameras have a webcam mode and many require a special Windows webcam driver. If you play this file with square pixels it will look distorted a circle will look like a wide oval.

The Crystal Disk Mark benchmark can measure sequential and random speed. Usually, thicker than 4mm will not fit. When the video is played, the player will display a missing or short frame with a previous frame.

Mobius 808 no.16 vs EKEN H9

The light weight of the means that you can expect a lot of video camera shake distortion when hand held. It can be blanked with a firmware modification on some cameras.

Audio periodic noise – The camera injects noise every 1 second in the audio stream. Do not buy an camera if the seller does not list the version number because you can expect to get anything including the worst possible version.

Mobius 808 no.16 vs SJCAM Sj5000x

Do all the pixels in that CMOS sensor work? These parts sometimes have the manufacturer name or part number removed, are cheap and are sometimes sold by the pound.

Below 15 in low light and e,en video noise. As a webcam the device manager reports this: The 3 still seems to be superior. Here is a 3 and 8 video comparison. I guess this means the camera will operate below the LiPo regulator circuit drop off point of 3.


Expect the reliability of a toy, not the reliability of a name-brand camera. Also micro electronic soldering skills are needed the 16 and 18 have a connector so no soldering as well as knowledge LiPo battery dangers. I can start recording however I cannot stop it – or shall I say, camera “hangs out” and needs to be reset. Don’t expect every seller to know anything about the camera they sell.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #8

So the battery mAh would be expected to be about to mAh. My 1 camera can resolve a checkerboard at squares per horizontal width but not The video quality is like the 2 camera but with a very high bad duplicate frame rate.

The SOC processor chips used in the cameras are proprietary designs.