My little marsupial kompik And the sooner the better. Moderately fast, capacitive screen, Android ICS, good wifi, no buttons, a good time work, Adobe Flash, graphics accelerator, price. I’m an electrician The software is junk. Support external 3G modem and VPN.

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Dobovlyayuyu to its reviews within a few months!

If concurrent uploads, application installations, playing music through the Internet begins to slow down. Cover in the form of a book black, leatherette. Gave my daughter 11 years birthday.

However archiver had to download and install. Quite a really hot with the active surf the Internet or at fast browsing “heavy” photos. Until more is not revealed.

Can all of these things on this problem. Collins Ruth Had to do a reset to factory settings. Vzyal of the new party, included: We strongly encourage you to read Rules section “Android – device” New themes should be created only root partition!


If you do not crush the screen, it will burst from overheating.

Explay Informer 701 USB Driver

Comrades, the head with the Huawei Niformer from Beeline decided. I have already sent it. Book formats recognizes without problems, no brakes. Thanks for the explanation goes out in vain bought.

With exactly the same from Beeline for 24 hours I’m in agony and nothing comes out: And this situation lasts about a month and a half. Bought the device in avguste. Post has been edited I’m electric – Take the tablet about 10 months ago.

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Johnson Davidush Lisa Murphy Long Steven Simultaneously there were several download via WI-FI, parallel to the radio was playing over the Internet, was installing applications, in General versed with Android-today is the first time I saw: The problem with lopnuvshim TV not me one. Ward Helen Tablet bought as he Toko went almost nothing More explaay say I can’t but this tablet in my opinion terrible vain I bought it.


Agey, What chip is the device on? Need to buy Micro SD.

ZTE MF from Beeline in somehow tightly “hangs” the tablet although in the mode “only a modem” I did not translate it. Android 4 on Board. What no difference what this version. Richard Wright But not all beautiful teeth.