Is something wrong with my install? Click here to review our site terms of use. I downloaded every package you put a link to and to keep it precise I copied every command into the terminal from the how-to. I believe that if the “make install” worked, you are already done! Do you have to install the OS in order to do this? Unfortunately, due to geography, broadband is not an option for me. I have tried gnome-ppp with the same result.

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Download Intel(R) EP Modem

Yes, there is been a discussion on that matter at the mailing list on http: Are there any other distros that have cracked this problem? We might build a package for Gutsy soon.

Scanning your serial ports for a modem. If not, change with yours.

Intel 537EPG 56 Kbps

Hey i’m having a big problem, when I try to compile the driver I get a message saying I don’t have the kenel source, But I installed it like you said. There intep no support under 2. I have a filling that i did everything right but i am lost.


And when I click it, it doesnt detect my modem, although the driver module is loaded. Philippe helps me a lot to make vhipset work. Hello everyone, I follow the steps to install the but fail, here is my complete code: On the same system running Windows 98 I get 5 KB per sec on downloads. This chipset supports V.

Carlos, thanks for the imput of this thread also! Just with the CD in place. Selecting previously deselected package gcc. I don’t know whats going on. This should be useful for others. Operation not permitted insmod: My ep driver is just over 1MB.

For some reason I couldn’t seem to unpack, but might just be an oversight on my part. First problem is modem.

Intel provides a generic driver, but no firmware updates. If true, then the symbolic link you proposed would be everything needed, I guess. I will famkly at it more in-depth later and see if it warrants changing.

Also, are there any plans to make a driver for 64bit gutsy? I believe we could have got this working before but I just didn’t remember it.


Perhaps this is not related at all. They are in the Dapper installation CD, so pop it in and type at the xhipset No such file or directory make: I’m quite new to linux as is, so I can’t offer much help Would this process work under another build of Ubuntu I’m on 6. By the way, I recommend to anyone trying to get their modems to work under mode, to get to http: Yes, that is right.

We will replace the content of the script with the following: It’s a completely “off-the-shelf” Dell Dimension, which seemed to be Dell’s low-to-medium spec standard desktop model in the UK last year.