The controllers also share one set of LUNs to usefor mapping volumes to hosts. This is accomplished through softwareresident in the RAID controller. If the snapshot has not been written or isdeleted, this field will show a value of 0. For example, to receive email for all critical events, in the All Critical Events rowselect only the Email Alerts check box. Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for errors contained herein or forincidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

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When processing is complete, the main Host Port Configuration page is displayed.

Taking a SnapshotYou can take a snapshot of the data state of a selected master volume. If a controller fails, the hosts maintain access to all of the volumes through the hostports on the surviving nsa2012i, as shown below.

Do one of the following: For information about time-zone offsets, see http: Ifhost control of write-back cache is disabled, the host cannot modify the cachesetting. Pause your cursor over an enclosure icon. A pop-up shows the enclosure status and other details. Recovery is possible if the missing devices can be restored so that the cached datacan be written to the virtual disk. Removing a Virtual Disk Ecnlosure QuarantineThe sscsi iconindicates that a previously fault-tolerant virtual disk isquarantined because not all of its drives were detected after a restart or rescan.


Problems Scheduling TasksIf your task does not run at the times you specified, check the schedulespecifications. A confirmation prompt is displayed.

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Page Event SeveritiesThe storage system generates events having three severity levels: For a dual-controller system: For example, to receive email for all critical events, in the All Critical Events rowselect only the Email Alerts check box. Page 36 Viewing Installed LicensesTo view installed licenses: Misc ConfigurationAs an Advanced user, you can view the following categories of configurationsettings: This panel specifies how many notification eventsare pending and shows up to a configured maximum number of events.

Deleting a ScheduleTo delete a schedule: Page To reset statistics: The storage system can query EC for information about enclosureenvironmental conditions such as temperature, power supply and fan status, and thepresence or absence of disk drives. Changing a Virtual Disk NameTo change the name of a virtual disk: Click Continue Restore Process.


If no events are selected, this option is not displayed. This event follows someother FRU specific event indicating aproblem.

To add a user: You can give each volume a name. Click Create Virtual Disk.

For each user you can set a password and enable or disable accessto the following system interfaces: Select the volume whose statistics you want to view. Allowed charactersinclude letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, and spaces.

HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

Page Using the SchedulerYou can use the Scheduler feature to create tasks and define schedules at which thesystem will automatically perform those tasks. This informationenables you to monitor your disk drives or enlosure why a disk drive failed.

The system generates events having three severity levels: Click Restore Configuration File.