This card reader is not made for high speed SD cards. CF performance was a lot better. I tried to mount it as you suggested. SIM editor, allows edit telephone. The slots are a bit too small. It is USB 2. A maximum read speed of 6.

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It is USB 2. That’s very short but luckily MSI added an extension cable with the package. Free Software Initiative of Japan.

MSI’s StarReader “in-1” card reader handles SIM cards, too

But this small package is packed with features. The slots are a bit too small.

There is even a slot for the latest, ultra-small microSD card. Performance is a mixed bag with this reader.

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In terms of the ability to read many different types of memory cards, we have designed 6 independent slots into our card reader so that different memory cards can be plugged in directly without an adapter. Read and copy phone numbers and names to the PC. You can make copy of your contacts on another card almost effortless, using the SIM Editor software, provided on a CD when you purchase the.


There are better choices if you’re using SD cards. The ability to read SIM cards is a very nice feature for people who want to back up data from their cellphones.

I have a StarReader Smart card reader and I can’t use it under windows 7. On the site belgain iD there are drivers fore. As a world class manufacturer of computers, MSI has dedicated itself to raising the digital living standard for all mankind by bringing its expertise to more product lines. The time request sent by the card is not forwarded by the reader to the host.

Yes, I have downloaded the software “Simcon”, I found it in this thread. A maximum read speed of 6. SIM cards are the small cards for cellphones which store information such as telephone numbers, SMS messages, etc.

Free Software Initiative of Japan 0xB: Change the PIN number. MSI StarReader x 1. This card reader is not made for high stzrreader SD cards.

We also include a powerful multimedia software, which provides a friendly user interface offering such features as multi-channel viewing, auto-channel scanning and identification, The readable card formats by our StarReader stsrreader not only all the ones available previously, but many of the latest formats as well: Common Error Messages related to msi ngts driver: SD performance is low, CF performance is good.


Sim card processing software SIM card editor – mobile phone card manager. Also inserting cards didn’t go very smoothly.

MSI StarReader

Discover the magic of the Internet. The SIM card editing software enable users to browse, edit, and access the phone book and message in the phone’s SIM card on the computer.

I tried to mount it as you suggested. Unfortunately the program cannot retrieve the date from the SMS messages but other than that this feature worked very well. Click the “Driver” tab and then click “Update Driver software” to let the computer. Flexible sorting for large files. The card reader is made out of black plastic which is slightly transparent.