Unfortunately, Adams does not make a true hybrid in the 5h. I ordered the a4 Driver with the set-up I just described. I am a weekend hacker. Love my hybrid fairway wood I am a weekend hacker. Kiwi 10 years ago. Thanks for the review…it was great. The driver has its work cut out to be better than the XTD series.

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If you slice or fade, this club can help eradicate that. Wedges have always been a problem. Skip to main content.

Adams InSight Tech & Idea A4 Lineup

I ordered the a4 Driver with the set-up I just described. Groove wear may be heavy, but Very solid 3 wood. It does have a pretty aggressive offset. Have been very happy with most of the clubs.

The hybird looks more user friendly. The 7—gram weight cartridge reduces vibrations for a soft, responsive feel and allows for a4od weight adjustments. Adams is the number one hybrid in the industry. We have only had a chance to hit the A4 Driver and the Puglielli wedges so far but if the others are anything like those then Adams might have a hit on their hands.


This was by far the finest feeling combination for me from an off-the-rack club that I have ever felt.

I can now hang in there with my younger 4some budies. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter?

Kennn 10 years ago. So I bought the boxer technology in A4os. Hell Yes, it did. Love my hybrid fairway wood I am a weekend hacker. The CNC fly—cut face has been precisely milled for more consistent spin and the carbon steel finish provides optimal feel. This club allows me to make great contact and much better distance.

Dec 13, 44 Comments. That said, this thing is scary long. Went a bit right as I hit from an off-camber downhill lie.

Adams A4 Irons

I have tried dozens of other hybrids and I cant hit th em. BTW I joined the mailing list, how do I get my free wedge.

Just hit this club for the first time today. Sign me up for the newsletter.

First Look: Adams Golf 2009 Lineup!

As most golfers know, hybrids are easier to make a quality strike on the ball than long irons. This iron set has been played with great frequency. The Adams Golf website shows all of the new clubs. At 66 my usual game has been around to Hey Carlos — the name Mexican Scorpion is great lol! Joel 10 years ago. The boxer tech may be better than the original A3’s, but I have very good results with the older technology a3s.