The Novation Launchpad series of USB pad controllers [Tape Op 82 online] has gone through a number of iterations since the first Launchpad came out back in , and here we are with the latest, and Perhaps just coincidence that the first 4 went smoothly. I edited my post. That got me to thinking I was editing my post when you replied so you would have missed No. You are right, I can not directly help with 4.

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I can literally feel a different part of my brain begin to work-the listening part. Note that the install will remove the AT from the controller list or it did mine so make sure you add it back before testing! I have one and it works. However it doesn’t like Pro Tools 8 or vice versa I keep getting disconnect errors in PT even alphatrrack there should be nothing bkt. Had it working in windows 10 before I upgraded my system to windows 10 pro.

Frontier AlphaTrack vs Faderport and Win 10 support

As a result, I usually have to leave it unplugged or I think I hear a mouse nibbling at regular intervals from the next room This solved my crash on exit back then. Take special note to enable aftertouch in preferences as described. In my case the only midi outputs active where the RME midi out and the Alphatrack midi out.


Outboard stuff collecting dust. For me, it’s been a liberating tool for writing automation while mixing in the box, especially across a lead vocal track.

It seems to be trying to send the volume slider down when it is already down. Thank you all for your help!

AlphaTrack includes a mm, touch-sensitive, motorized fader with true bit resolution and three touch-sensitive encoders that provide quick control of pans, sends, EQ, plug-ins, and automation. MacPro 2 x 3. The Lemur is a unique, open-ended controller geared towards DAW and live-performance applications. I am wondering if anyone has it working on Win 10?

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I have a hot corner on my monitor that turns on my favorite lava-lamp-esque screensaver, and I toss the cursor in that corner whenever I can. None of the options you mentioned have all of vit in one package.

If I unplug, the crashes disappear. Compared to using a mouse, I’m not only able to get the intuitive feel of a fader, but I can turn off the damn screen! Thanks for this, I got this to work but had a nasty crash BSOD on closing down Windows 7 bit, which resulted in rolling back over a week’s work to the restore point just prior to the installation of the AlphaTrack bit driver as described.


Just wondering, how noisy is the fader? Fader here makes no noise except when it’s doing something it’s supposed to, and then it’s kind of fair-to-middling quiet. It takes a minute to learn the commands a combination of one and two finger movesbut once I did, using the shuttle strip was quite intuitive. On Windows I have closed it over a dozen times with no error.

Some kind of lag sometimes. How do you install the drivers without the tray application? KingsMix Max Output Level: It should be on its way soon.

You can provoke the crash by terminating the process in Task Manager. I’m still very much learning this thing at the moment.

AlphaTrack Drivers and Plug-in for Digital Performer

Having designed The Monorail to some degree, I have some ideas to throw out into the creative ether. I also envision a version that would mount in either a 60 mm or mm console frame.

Very lame if you ask me.