Write precompensation enhances data reliability and interchange. If contamination is visible in the sensor holes or within the cartridge cavity of the drive, carefully blow out visible dust or debris from these areas with low pressure air from the aerosol can. When set to one, it indicates that the initiator has the ability to accommodate disconnection and reconnec- tion. The DIAG jumper places the drive in diagnostic mode. It is also the case that the Viper will not permit disconnects for block size

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Viper Rear View Signal Conventions The following conventions are used to describe interface signal notation. Extended sense Valid bit is set, indicating Residual Length is non-zero. Command Code 1 – This field indicates which of 32 possible command codes for a particular group code is specified.

Move the cartridge loading lever away from the cartridge insertion opening and return the head assembly to archige position outside of the cartridge area. With edge of tape sensing, the Viper drive senses the bottom edge of the tape and uses this reference position to step the heads to Track position. The settings of the extended sense Validbit and Residual Length are determined as for the early warning EOM con- dition.

As Track is written, the erase head erases the full width of the tape and is disabled at the end of Track 0. Sorry, we’re having trouble showing recommendations right now.



Extended sense Valid bit is set, indicating that the Residual Length is non-zero. Extended sense Valid bit is set, indi- cating Residual Length is non-zero. Refer to Chapter 4, “Write Protection”. Serpentine Recording “Serpentine” accurately describes the streaming tape drive pattern of recording serial data on tape. Microprocessor-controlled read threshold, and write current control.

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In the case this field is non-zero, but less than the full response length, the Viper truncates its response when the Allocation Length is exhausted. The initiator shall then set the current pointers to the initial state of the next linked command. Alcohol should not be used to clean the head.

Vendor Unique – These bits are ignored. The Viper will manage the data transfers by assuming the role of initiator to establish a logical connection with the other device.

Normally, the cartridge should only be removed when the LED is off. Since all but the currently communi- cating SCSI device pair that is, the current target and the initiator must wait for the bus in order to proceed with data transfers, disconnect size should be set to permit bus arbitration to occur at shorter intervals.

The EOM indication will occur at approximately 1 Mbyte, i.


Archive S TAPE Drive Repair at M. Farris & Associates

The operation was not performed. Upon completion of the operation, the tape will be repositioned to BOM. If an invalid parameter is contained in the Command Descriptor Block, Viper will terminate the command without altering the medium. The following paragraphs describe the use of the twelve SCSI messages.

Notify the shipper or your distributor immediately should damage be apparent. Number of Recoverable Errors is a bit soft error count that accumulated over a series of commands. Illustrations of the 9-track, track and track serpentine patterns follow.

The sensors can detect both ft and ft cartridges see “Tape Holes” paragraph. Only fixed length blocks bytes per block are supported.

This field is meaningful only if the 3rdPty bit is set to one. This bit must be set to one. Refer to Figures 5 and 6. In operational mode diagnostic jumper removed the jumper pairs are used to specify the following configuration data: Discard the second swab. Inspection After unpacking the carton, verify the contents and make sure the contents are undam- aged.