Older Sound Blaster Live! Locate and open the c: Click the Search button. Worked for me without issue. Browse the list below to find the driver that meets your needs. Use it at your own risk.

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This card, marketed as a Sound Blaster Live! Blazter trying about 20 different drivers for my OEM card which creative doesnt support!?! Uninstall any existing audio device drivers.

Creative Worldwide Support > Sound Blaster Live! Digital (Dell)

To install the download, double-click the download file and follow the instructions on the screen. Your system blasster already contain the complete factory-installed Sound Blaster Live!

Follow the directions on the installation program screen. To check if you have installed the LiveDrvUni-Pack driver update file, do the following: It’s for windows version 9x “.

It provided real-time postprocessing effects such as reverbflangingor chorus. The Creative Recorder utility included with the sound card was specifically designed to take advantage of the “What U Hear” feature, making it a simple matter to capture streaming sound from any source, even from programs that deliberately avoid providing a means for saving the digital sounds, thus freeing non-technical users from the complexities of ” patching ” between inputs and outputs of various software modules.


The original Sound Blaster Live! Download the latest Creative Sound Blaster Live 5. A major design change from its predecessor the EMU was that the EMU10K1 used system memory, accessed over the PCI bus, for the wavetable samples, rather than using expensive on-board memory.

Download Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.

Click the Hardware tab. Manufactured in a 0.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Soundblaster Live Player 5. Only experienced users should attempt installing this driver. To check the version number of your audio drivers, do the following: That way, one could mix all available inputs and the MIDI synth into one stereo signal. Click the Search button. Retrieved from ” https: Released [1] Includes Live! Creative Sound Blaster Live! livr

Sound Blaster Live!

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sound Blaster Live! While this is the case, the subwoofer is not on a separate output as it is with 5. Under Downloadselect your region and click the Go button. Requirements Sound Blaster Live!


SB on the upper right corner of the card. To install the driver, do the following: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

These cards are especially for OEM’s and the drivers are not downloadable fron the creative website.