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Everything I can research indicates that as long as I stay within 2TB the system should be able to handle it. If I allow my machine to boot without interuption now, a message is displayed saying that NTDLR is missing or corrupt.

No registered users and 3 guests. I would ooptiplex to inform you that it should depend on the software that you use to transfer the data from Firewire.

[SOLVED] Dell GX270 SATA Ports

Try a different cable, different IDE port. Optiplex mini tower no video on power up. Previous topic Next sta. I would also run a disk defrag after all your updates have been installed.

Thanks again for the help. Would this make any difference? In the future you could be a little more detailed.


I already knew that the BSoD I received was because of the video card. All dell optiplex gx sata expressed in these forums are those of the dell optiplex gx sata and do not necessarily represent the views of the BetaArchive site owner.

I hate to do that as the Dell provides everything my limited needs require, with the exception of access to the larger SATA hard drives. Unable to get to a point where I can partition and format the new drive and then reinstall XP Pro. Hi krrk, Thanks for your reply.

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All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I then rebooted, without re-allocating the partition. I ask because Firewire and USB handle data differently and I want to direct-capture to a secondary hard drive.

Hi, I have the same problem. So, my questions is this. Dell XPS — Audio only working optiplez certain programs. Forum Member since I am not a Dell employee.

This error can mean any of these 3 things: Joined Mon Jun 14, 7: It would be advisable to have a external USB drive for the system dell optiplex gx sata would be more reliable and better way to increase storage size on the system.


Its still up to you to go get the latest drivers.

Fri Jun 10, 8: Now, I know this type of motherboad has 2 IDE sockets on the motherboard, have you tried both? Try a different HDD using all the above steps. Remove all PCI cards except video, disconnect optical and floppy drives, remove all RAM modules except the one in slot 1.

Going to dell optiplex gx sata in a half an hour But thanks. Start your 7-day free trial. Shame they quit making that software, I really like it. I have an old Dell optiplex gx sata Optiplex GX machine, and it is a workhorse.

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