If set to Enabled, users can specify the specific day of month and the exact time to power up the system. Log in Don’t have an account? Insert the CPU into the socket. It shows the bundled software that this mainboard supports. You can use cursor arrow keys to highlight anyone of options on the main menu page. The Master device connects to the end of the cable.

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The problem is, you cannot find a GeForce card anywhere. Warning Temperature Enables you to set the warning temperature before powering down. The motherboard has a built-in VGA graphics system; you must leave this item at the default value. External Cache Enabled Most processors that can be installed in this system use external level 2 L2 cache memory to improve performance.

Use this item to do wake-up action if inserting the PCI card. When choosing a processor, consider the performance requirements of the system. If you have already changed the setup utility, press F10 to save those changes and exit the utility.

Put this motherboard on the top of static-protection package with component side facing up while installing. Power On By Button This item enables or diables you to use only the power button to power on the system.


Press F9 to install the setup utility with a set of default values.

Install any remaining DIMM modules. Use this item to define how many charac- ters per second are generated by a held-down key.

Pci express x16 graphics card support list – AMD GA-M61SME-S2 User Manual

The password typed now will clear any previously entered password gladisc CMOS memory. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Use this item to define how many millisec- onds must elapse before a held-down key begins generating repeat char- acters. System Component Characteristics These fields provide you with information about the systems current operating status.

Install the device s and connect power from the system power 760ht. Floppy Disk Drive The motherboard ships with a floppy disk drive cable that can support one or two drives.

The Application button brings up a software menu. You can use cursor arrow keys to highlight anyone of options on the main menu page. Use this item to do wake-up action if inserting the PCI Express card. The board is an micro-ATX size motherboard. Boot Other Device Enabled When enabled, the system searches all other possible locations for an operating system if it fails to find one in the devices specified under the First, Second, and Third boot devices.


There are four options: If it happens, you can use the clear CMOS jumper to clear the CMOS memory which has stored the configuration information; or you can hold down the Page Up key while rebooting your computer. Otherwise, leave this item at the default. Holding down the Page Up key also clears the setup information. The options are Full and Half default. Align the memory module with the socket. Install the edge connector of the expansion card into the slot.

You can cause fatal errors or instability if you install the optimized defaults when your hardware does not support them.


The other options on the main menu page lead to dialog boxes requiring your answer OK or Cancel by selecting the [OK] or [Cancel] key. Press Enter to select the highlighted option. Supervisor Password has higher priority than User Password. Installing the Processor 7600gt motherboard has an AM2 processor socket.