Press the PIP screen. Background detail wasn’t as high and colours were slightly more washed out, but there’s nothing that would make you yearn for Sagem’s lesser-specified model. GB 78 button and press the OK Should your product require warranty service, please contact HUMAX to obtain the appropriate authorization. If the screen ratio is set to 4: Please refer to 6. Select an option among 15, 30 and 60 using the GB 66 or button and press the OK button.

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Select Search and press the OK button to activate channel search. Enter the programme name directly using the keyboard displayed on the screen. If the product does not show a message Incorrect card Wrong Smartcard is inserted.

Radio The list of all radio channels with two sub-groups: During the channel search, the cursor is located The programme information will only be displayed when supplied by the broadcaster. Option in Channel List You can set whether or not to display the scrambled icon in channel Basic Operation This chapter describes functions such as switching channel, volume control and basic features for watching programmes.


Connect the product and the TV using a RF cable to watch analogue channels. Reinsert the Smartcard or CI-Module and make sure it initializes correctly. Then the recording will stop but the playback will continue. Audio Output You can set the the audio output.

Humax CX PVR-9200C User Manuals

Recording and Playback 3. GB 78 button and press the Hunax Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. Select File and press the OK button. Select Favourite using the or button. Hold the Smartcard horizontally with the electronic chip small square-shaped, gold in colour facing upwards. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Select and press the OK button. Installation This chapter describes how to search for channels and other series of procedures. Before Using the Product.

Also, displays the channel list while watching a programme.

Humax CX PVRC User Manual | 90 pages

GB 1 Notice Warnings, Cautions and Notes Throughout the whole manual, pay special attention to the following marks that indicate hazardous situations. Select Subtitle using the button. Humas estate market has arrived in Nettimarkkina!


You can view the programme information by pressing the i button while watching a programme.

Commercial Skip Time You can skip 15,30 or 60 seconds of the unwanted scenes. Usually there are several MUX frequencies with different or same content. Moves back to 2 ovr before. Time bar displays the current operation status, the time gap between the broadcasting point and watching point and the amount of temporarily saved programme. Split You can split the recorded programme into separate recordings.

GB 3 Safety Warning For humaax information about the installation wizard, refer to Chapter 3. Renaming Favourite Channel List You can rename favourite channel list.

Select Move using the button and press the OK button.