The 11C90 is the first stage in line to receive the clock signal F in and is configured to divide by In Europe and Asia broadcasting occurs in the band, but in the Americas the region Khz is primarily reserved for aeronautical navigation beacons called NDBs. K7FE , Jul 19, I found the ideal operation has a refresh rate of 0. Shenzhen N-South Electronics Co.

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At last, a quiet S2 noise floor on LW thanks to the remotely located loop and this innovative product. Both units have been discontinued. To me, the datasheets seemed a bit sketchy and had a few typos. Looks like it is here to stay, for better or worse.

The generator’s specs list the limit of its short-term stability as PPM. Prescaling was necessary since I would be measuring frequencies above the 10 MHz limit of the counter chip.

Two of these are again North American dlsplay. Connect the leads to their proper locations on the RS board; then, fold it up and attach it to the RS board using the pre-installed brackets. It performs as the reviews stated, making it a “reference” by which all other tuners must be compared and will fall short of in performance.


Longwave is generally defined as those frequencies below Khz. For the most part, it does not require any components, and it only needs point-to-point wiring. Secure the opposite end of the board in a similar way.

I selected a m54826pp. When retrofitting frequency counters, the first thing to consider is matching the counter design and the piece of equipment in which you will install it. Still enough to make a useful beacon log.

MP datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

K7FEJul 19, Very small antenna produced big results beyond my expectations on both MW and LW. Testing on 28 MHz low power propagation beacon reception with Perseus has been highly successful with over heard in 33 countries and 43 US states. All antennas are roof-mounted at this time. Read about it HERE.

This is where the RS circuit board shines with its power supply rails running directly under the chip as it facilitates tight wiring and bypassing. Anyway thanks so far and Ill keep you posted! Having been an avid shortwave listener and MW DXer for 23 years, I finally took the plunge into ham radio in after leaving the Air Force.


Performance eclipses anything I’ve ever used here. Using an assortment of resistor packs, it was easy to determine the degree of brightness I wanted just by swapping them out. However, its construction requires further discussion.

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Really enjoyable to have a night like this with YaND 6. October 15, 16 This installation provides an excellent example of retrofitting a frequency counter.

The TV antenna with amplifier module did a decent job bringing in analog Canadian TV before going digital in The frequency being measured is labeled here as “clock. I have 49 states confirmed on Phone. Of course, there are myriad prescalers out there that could be dissplay, but a lot of them have binary division ratios which will require some added circuitry to end up with the correct division ratio.

Locating it remotely from neighbor noise was a major breakthrough. It has happened to me Kona, Hawaii for example.